Pampered Pets of Paducah, Inc.
All rights reserved.  Copyright 1997 by Pampered Pets of Paducah, Inc.  Last Updated 08/02/2018
Yes!  We are still open for business!  True, our house is for sale but we are still "Business as Usual".  We will let all of our clients know in advance WHEN/IF you need to look for alternative boarding arrangements.  In the meantime ~ Make Your Reservations as always.  We appreciate your continued business.
Royal Care for Loyal Friends
NOTICE:  Due to recent KY law changes, service businesses must now charge sales tax.  As of July 1, 2018, PPP will be required to collect sales tax on all reservations and services.

1. Online reservations are preferred or check our phone message
   and arrive as planned. 
    (Emergencies - please call or bring pet to facility during Drop-Off
     Session hours)
2.  Drop-Off and Pick-up times MUST be observed
3.  All pets must have shots up to date including Bordatella and
     HeartGard or veterinarian recommended for dogs
4.  All clients must provide a copy of up-dated vaccinations for our
5.  All pets must be on a flea and tick program
6.  All pets need to bring their own food, treats, toys, and medications.
     (We provide bowls, bedding, and additional toys with
      individualized care)
7.  All pets must have a current, up-to-date Pet Profile on file with
     Pampered Pets
Pampered Pets of Paducah, Inc. reserves all rights to seek veterinarian assistance in case of sickness or emergency.  All veterinarian charges are the sole responsibility of the pet owner.

It is the responsibility of the client to alert the staff of any aggressive or destructive behaviors to avoid additional charges due to damages to property and/or medical bills for personnel.

We have pampered pets for over 25 years.  We love our pets from our puppies to our seniors.  We request that clients realize that senior pets' conditions can change at any time.  We request that you give us any special instructions or needs concerning the elderly pets.