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Please remember that Monday-22nd is the last day to book without being charged the $10 late booking fee for Memorial Day weekend.
Pampered Pets offers "Go Home Baths" as a convenience for our Pampered Pets.

Simply choose the option below that applies to your pet when completing your Reservations and Pre-Pay forms.

If prepaying for internet boarding rates, the go home bath must be pre-paid at the same time.

Go Home Bath Rates (Bath/Dry/Brush)
  (This service may be performed by Pampered Pets Staff)
Small Dog  -  (<30 lbs - Short-Haired)
         Bath & Brush        $20
Small Dog -   (<30 lbs - Long-Haired)
         Bath & Brush        $25
Large Dog -   (Short-Haired)
           Bath & Brush       $25

Large Dog - (Long-Haired)

Bath & Brush           $30

Please request that nails be clipped at Check-In:  $5 additional charge at Check-Out